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Maintenance Technician

Chaska, MN
General Description: Equipment Maintenance; Pipe fitting, Welding, Fabrication; Millwright; Ammonia System Operator; Building Maintenance; Contractor Management; Security; Tanker Truck Shipping and Receiving
Principal Responsibilities: Repair of  Process Equipment; Repair and upkeep of Building and Exterior Equipment; Fabrication; Millwright; Ammonia Refrigeration System Operator; Back-up Cooling Tower operation and record keeping; Utility management; Water quality testing and management;  Security of building and grounds; Air quality testing; Spare parts inventory management; Tool management; Equipment research;  Initiating and assisting with new equipment design and installation; Ordering spare parts and equipment; General and specific knowledge of process operations; Assisting and directing Contractors; Forklift and Manlift operator; On-call after hours call-in responder; Loading and unloading of Tanker Trucks
Qualifications: Experience with and knowledge of mechanical and electrical repair; Experience with and knowledge of tools; Experience with and knowledge of fabrication; Experience with and knowledge of pipefitting; Experience with and knowledge of metal fabrication; Experience with and general knowledge of Production Equipment and Processes; General knowledge of refrigeration principles; Completed or will complete 40 hour program for Technical Level Emergency Responders
Physical demands:
While performing duties of job, workers are constantly required to bend, lift, walk, or carry equipment. Employees must occasionally lift and/or move up to 75 pounds, or occasionally transport up to 600 pounds on wheeled carts or dollies. This position may require changing shifts or working more than 8½ successive hours to meet occasional production or manpower demands. 
Work environment:
Work may be performed under extreme outdoor weather conditions including hot and cold ambient temperatures, snow and rain. Workers will be required to work in a plant environment where there are constant moderate noise levels and occasional loud noise levels; and occasional hot or cold temperature extremes. Employees will be expected to work around, with, and adjacent to potentially dangerous equipment, chemicals, and processes. Workers would be expected to wear appropriate safety gear and follow safety procedures for each situation as required or desired. Job requirements will occasional dictate working over six feet above the floor or ground, or inside of confined spaces.

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